Three Ways of Cooking Salmon Croquettes

21 Apr

You might have tried cooking salmon using different methods such as baking or baking. It is likely that you found yourself failing terribly and producing something that no one wanted to eat. However, worry no more because I have come to your rescue. There are numerous recipes that you can follow if you want to cook a tasty steak frites. Below I have outlined some of the salmon croquettes recipes that you can use to produce a tasty meal that will leave every licking their fingers.

Here is the first recipe for cooking salmon croquettes. The first thing you should do is mix one full tablespoon of butter with two full tablespoons of flour. After mixing the two components you can proceed to cook them. As the mixture cooks you can proceed by adding a cupful of cream. After adding the cream wait for the mixture to cook until thick while you are stirring it constantly. After the mixture has become thick take it away from the fire. Add one egg that has been beaten well and one pound of cold cooked salmon flaked. After cooling down you can shape it into croquettes. Dip the shaped croquettes into egg and bread crumbs. Then you can deep fry it. Choose any sauce you want to serve it with. Get more facts about foods at

The second salmon croquette recipe involves mixing one tablespoon full of butter with three tablespoons full of flour and cooking the mixture. Then you should add one cup full of cream and continue to cook and stir constantly until the mixture is thick. Proceed by seasoning with salt, red pepper, minced parsley. After taking the cooked mixture from the fire add a lemon juice and one cup of flaked salmon. Mix the two thoroughly and then let the mixture cool. After cooling, shape the mixture into several croquettes and then dip them in eggs and crumbs before deep-frying them.

The third way of cooking salmon croquettes involves mixing a tablespoon full of flour, two tablespoons of butter, and a cupful of cream. Then you can cook the mixture and constantly stir it until thick. Take the mixture away from fire. Then proceed by adding a beaten egg, half a cup of crumbs, and a small can of flaked salmon. You can season it using salt, red pepper, and powdered mace. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and allow the mixture to cool. Proceed by making croquettes and dipping them into egg and crumbs. To finalize deep fry the croquettes.

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